›› Drugs of abuse testing   (11/08/2019, 2:32 PM)

Recently, after reading and hearing about all of the overdoses of misused opiates, that "seem" to be focused on synthetic medications like Oxycontin,rather than the Fentanyl that is being mailed to the USA from China, I requested my doctor to give me a standard test for what is considered abuse.
I am older, so I just wanted to know if my use of prescribed had a level in their standard testing. Of all the drugs listed (that I will need to look up) I of course came back negative. But the levels suggest that anything over 200 nano/liters was considered a "potential" for abuse. How is this measured as far as the patient? Is it size, hight, weight,ect. I take a hard, time released version that lasts 12 hours. I am just curious as how this is gauged and if it is the "new" standard or an old one that was more relaxed.


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11/08/2019, 2:32 PM Drugs of abuse testing