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I want to build a battleship from 40,000 mil hdpe "sheeting."

How thick (in SI) will the hull be? Will the gunwales be wide enough to walk on?

Note: I was trained at age 6 in set theory and logic. I loved it. One thing I learned then and even more now is that numbers really have little meaning without the attached words. Some are unitless (pi, e) but even then, they involve ratios of the same thing: in other words the words (units) cancel out in the division process, which is another word for "rational." And believe me, it gets weirder than that when you've had sixty years to refine your own number theory, which I have informally published. Soon, should I live long enough (or if Elon Musk can help transfer my brain through AI, robotics, and social media (maybe stupid smart phones).....Anyway, I received that early education courtesy of President Eisenhower: a response to the dual shock of Sputnik and the subsequent realization that Americans were innumerate and ignorant of the hard sciences. I am writing a (short) book called "Water is Lighter Than Air!" It's true, and only the tip of the iceburg, literally. Fred (aka the professor)

Btw: if any reader has any clout, I'd like someone to recommend me to ARPA, under whom I was trained back then, now called DARPA. I was, and am, an American asset! A karmic fact is that I grew up on top of the first internet cable which ran from the Bay area to Los Angeles, then east to (somewhere). My dad worked at Emerson Electric in Santa Barbara, and when I visited his facility, a contractor for ARPA and the military, and walked waay to the right of the dumb terminal connected to, yep, Arpanet!I didn't want to go to prison! I'd have missed my sailing lessons in the Santa Barbara harbor! Sorry to Babble-On.


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