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Okay, guessing here, but educated guesses, at least.

If it took 4 batteries, that would be 6.0 Volts DC.
I'm guessing the adapter was a 9.0 VDC adapter, as most adapters have a voltage that is slightly higher that the battery equivalent.

The 350 mA is 350 milli-Amps or 0.35 Amps. This is equivalent to how quickly the charger will charge, and the rating shouldn't be exceeded by much; say, 0.5 A or 500 mA at the highest.

Look for a "universal" charger that will let you select between 6 and 9 VDC at a rate of 350 ma - 500 ma, and that has several sizes of "plugs" you can use.

One final consideration, MOST plug-ins are "center-pin-positive," meaning the "hot" input goes to that male pin input you mentioned. Most universal adapters have a reversing switch to let you choose where you want the positive charge to go. Oftentimes, the port on the device will have a symbol on it that indicates the proper connection, but if not, it's a crap-shoot. Chances are that you won't ruin the game if you get it wrong and QUICKLY disconnect it, but do your best to determine this beforehand.

If you have a local Radio Shack- or BestBuy-type store, I would advise taking the unit in and asking them for their help. Pay their price for the adapter and know you've got it right—it's probably going to be much cheaper that trying to replace the game.

Much success, and I hope this helps!


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