›› Measurement unit: statcoulomb

Full name: statcoulomb

Plural form: statcoulombs

Category type: electric charge

Scale factor: 3.335646048E-10

›› SI unit: coulomb

The SI derived unit for electric charge is the coulomb.
1 coulomb is equal to 2997919999.934 statcoulomb.

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›› Definition: Statcoulomb

The statcoulomb (statC) or franklin (Fr) or electrostatic unit of charge (esu) is the physical unit for electrical charge used in the centimetre-gram-second (cgs) electrostatic system of units. The SI system of units uses the coulomb (C) instead. The conversion is

1 statC = 0.1 Am/c ≈ 3.33641010 C

The conversion factor (≈ 3.336410-10) is equal to 10 divided by the numerical value of the speed of light, c, expressed in cm/s.

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