›› Measurement unit: psig

Full name: pound/square inch [gauge]

Plural form: pounds/square inch

Symbol: lb/in2

Alternate spelling: psig

Category type: pressure

Scale factor: 6894.75728

›› SI unit: pascal

The SI derived unit for pressure is the pascal.
1 pascal is equal to 0.00014503773800722 psig.

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›› Definition: Pound/square inch

Psig (pound-force per square inch gauge) is a unit of pressure relative to the surrounding atmosphere. By contrast, psia measures pressure relative to a vacuum (such as that in space). At sea level, Earth's atmosphere actually exerts a pressure of 14.7 psi. Humans do not feel this pressure because internal pressure of liquid in their bodies matches the external pressure. If a pressure gauge is calibrated to read zero in space, then at sea level on Earth it would read 14.7 psi. Thus a reading of 30 psig on a tire gauge represents an absolute pressure of 44.7 psi.

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