Measurement unit: gigaohm

Full name: gigaohm

Plural form: gigaohms


Alternate spelling: gigohms

Category type: electric resistance

Scale factor: 1000000000

SI unit: ohm

The SI derived unit for electric resistance is the ohm.
1 ohm is equal to 1.0E-9 gigaohm.

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Definition: Gigaohm

The SI prefix "giga" represents a factor of 109, or in exponential notation, 1E9.

So 1 gigaohm = 109 ohms.

The definition of a ohm is as follows:

The ohm (symbol: Ω) is the SI unit of electrical impedance or, in the direct current case, electrical resistance, named after Georg Ohm. It is defined as the resistance between two points of a conductor when a constant potential difference of 1 volt, applied to these points, produces in the conductor a current of 1 ampere, the conductor not being the seat of any electromotive force.

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