›› Measurement unit: gigalight-year

Full name: gigalight year

Plural form: gigalight years

Symbol: Gly

Alternate spelling: gigalight-years

Category type: length

Scale factor: 9.454254955488E+24

›› SI unit: metre

The SI base unit for length is the metre.
1 metre is equal to 1.0577248071986E-25 gigalight-year.

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›› Definition: Gigalight-year

One gigalight-year, abbreviation "Gly", is one billion light-years — one of the largest distance measures used. One gigalight-year equals 306.601 million parsecs, or roughly one-thirteenth the distance to the horizon of the observable universe (dictated by the cosmic background radiation). Gigalight-years are typically used to measure distances to supergalactic structures, such as clusters of quasars or the Great Wall.

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