›› Measurement unit: foot pounds

Full name: foot-pound force

Plural form: foot pounds

Symbol: ft-lbf

Alternate spelling: foot-pound

Category type: energy

Scale factor: 1.3558179483314

›› Similar units

foot-pound force
foot-pound force

›› SI unit: joule

The SI derived unit for energy is the joule.
1 joule is equal to 0.73756214927727 foot pounds.

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›› Definition: Foot pound

In physics, a foot-pound force (symbol ft·lbf or ft·lbf), usually abbreviated to foot-pound, is an Imperial and U.S. customary unit of mechanical work, or energy, although in scientific fields one commonly uses the equivalent metric unit of the joule (J). There are approximately 1.356 J/ft·lbf, or exactly 1.355 817 948 331 400 4 J/ft·lbf.

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