›› Measurement unit: decare

Full name: decare

Plural form: decares

Category type: area

Scale factor: 1000

›› SI unit: square meter

The SI derived unit for area is the square meter.
1 square meter is equal to 0.001 decare.

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›› Definition: Decare

The decare is a unit for the measurement of area, generally used for land area. One decare (from deka, 10 and are) is the same as 10 ares, which is the same as 1000 square metres. Though its base unit, the are, was defined by older forms of the metric system, it is not part of the modern metric system, the International System (SI). It is accepted, but not encouraged, for use with the SI.

The decare is not widely used, except in Norway and many of the formerly Ottoman countries; it corresponds roughly to the Byzantine stremma and the Ottoman donum, and exactly to the metric stremma and donum.

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