›› Measurement unit: carucate

Full name: carucate

Plural form: carucates

Category type: area

Scale factor: 486000

›› SI unit: square meter

The SI derived unit for area is the square meter.
1 square meter is equal to 2.0576131687243E-6 carucate.

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›› Definition: Carucate

The carucate was both a unit of assessment and a peasant landholding unit found in most of the Danelaw counties. The word derives from caruca, Latin for a plough. In the Domesday Book the carucate was a nominal 120 acres (490,000 m²), based on the area a plough team could till in a year. It is equivalent to the hide, the measurement of land for tax assessment used outside Danelaw counties. A quarter of a hide was known as a virgate.

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