›› Physical and chemical properties of Tungsten

Atomic Number:74
Element Symbol:W
Element Name:Tungsten
Atomic Weight:183.84
Group Number:6
Group Name:none
Period Number:6
Ground State Configuration:[Xe] 4f14 5d4 6s2
Ground State Level:5D0
Standard State:Solid
Bond Length:274.1
Atomic Radius Empirical:135
Atomic Radius Calculated:193
Covalent Radius Empirical:146
Electron Affinity:78.6
First Ionization Energy:770
Pauling Electronegativity:2.36
Sanderson Electronegativity:0.98
Allred Rochow Electronegativity:1.40
Density Of Solid:19250
Molar Volume:9.47
Velocity Of Sound:5174
Youngs Modulus:411
Rigidity Modulus:161
Bulk Modulus:310
Poissons Ratio:0.28
Mineral Hardness:7.5
Brinell Hardness:2570
Vickers Hardness:3430
Electrical Resistivity:5
Melting Point:3422
Boiling Point:5555
Superconduction Temperature:-273.135
Thermal Conductivity:170
Coefficient Of Linear Expansion:4.5
Enthalpy Of Fusion:35
Enthalpy Of Vaporization:800
Enthalpy Of Atmization:860
Most Common Oxidation Numbers:6,4
Color:Greyish white, lustrous
Discovered By:Fausto and Juan Jose de Elhuyar
Discovered At:Spain
Discovered When:1783
Origin Of Name:From the Swedish words tung sten meaning heavy stone (the origin of the symbol W is wolfram , named after the tungsten mineral wolframite)

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››Compounds that contain Tungsten

Tungsten Carbide  WC
Tungstic Acid  H2WO4
Tungsten Hexacarbonyl  W(CO)6
Zirconium Tungstate  ZrW2O8
Barium Tungstate  BaWO4
Calcium Tungstate  CaWO4
Cadmium Tungstate  CdWO4
Cobalt(II) Tungstate  CoWO4
Cesium Tungstate  Cs2WO4
Copper(II) Tungstate  CuWO4
Iron(II) Tungstate  FeWO4
Sodium Tungstate  Na2WO4
Nickel(II) Tungstate  NiWO4
Lead(II) Tungstate  PbWO4
Strontium Tungstate  SrWO4
Tungsten(II) Bromide  WBr2
Tungsten(III) Bromide  WBr3
Tungsten(IV) Bromide  WBr4
Tungsten(V) Bromide  WBr5
Tungsten(VI) Bromide  WBr6
Tungsten(II) Chloride  WCl2
Tungsten(III) Chloride  WCl3
Tungsten(IV) Chloride  WCl4
Tungsten(V) Chloride  WCl5
Tungsten(VI) Chloride  WCl6
Tungsten(IV) Fluoride  WF4
Tungsten(V) Fluoride  WF5
Tungsten(VI) Fluoride  WF6
Tungsten(II) Iodide  WI2
Tungsten(III) Iodide  WI3
Tungsten(IV) Iodide  WI4
Tungsten(V) Oxytribromide  WOBr3
Tungsten(VI) Oxytetrabromide  WOBr4
Tungsten(V) Oxytrichloride  WOCl3
Tungsten(VI) Oxytetrachloride  WOCl4
Tungsten(VI) Oxytetrafluoride  WOF4
Tungsten(IV) Oxide  WO2
Tungsten(VI) Dioxydibromide  WO2Br2
Tungsten(VI) Dioxydichloride  WO2Cl2
Tungsten(VI) Dioxydiiodide  WO2I2
Tungsten(VI) Oxide  WO3
Tungsten(IV) Sulfide  WS2
Tungsten(VI) Sulfide  WS3
Tungsten(IV) Selenide  WSe2
Tungsten(IV) Silicide  WSi2
Tungsten(IV) Telluride  WTe2
Zinc Tungstate  ZnWO4
Zirconium(IV) Tungstate  Zr(WO4)2