›› Physical and chemical properties of Titanium

Atomic Number:22
Element Symbol:Ti
Element Name:Titanium
Atomic Weight:47.867
Group Number:4
Group Name:none
Period Number:4
Ground State Configuration:[Ar] 3d2 4s2
Ground State Level:3F2
Standard State:Solid
Bond Length:289.6
Atomic Radius Empirical:140
Atomic Radius Calculated:176
Covalent Radius Empirical:136
Electron Affinity:7.6
First Ionization Energy:658.8
Pauling Electronegativity:1.54
Sanderson Electronegativity:1.09
Allred Rochow Electronegativity:1.32
Density Of Solid:4507
Molar Volume:10.64
Velocity Of Sound:4140
Youngs Modulus:116
Rigidity Modulus:44
Bulk Modulus:110
Poissons Ratio:0.32
Mineral Hardness:6.0
Brinell Hardness:716
Vickers Hardness:970
Electrical Resistivity:40
Melting Point:1668
Boiling Point:3287
Superconduction Temperature:-272.7
Thermal Conductivity:22
Coefficient Of Linear Expansion:8.6
Enthalpy Of Fusion:18.7
Enthalpy Of Vaporization:425
Enthalpy Of Atmization:471
Most Common Oxidation Numbers:4
Color:Silvery metallic
Discovered By:William Gregor
Discovered At:England
Discovered When:1791
Origin Of Name:Named after the Titans, (the sons of the Earth goddess in Greek mythology)

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››Compounds that contain Titanium

Barium Titanate  BaTiO3
Potassium Titanyl Phosphate  KTiOPO4
Strontium Titanate  SrTiO3
Titanium Boride  TiB2
Titanium Carbide  TiC
Titanium Nitride  TiN
Titanocene Dichloride  (C5H5)2TiCl2
Bismuth(III) Titanate  Bi4(TiO4)3
Calcium Titanate  CaTiO3
Cadmium Titanate  CdTiO3
Cobalt(II) Titanate  CoTiO3
Cobalt(III) Titanate  Co2TiO4
Iron(II) Titanate  FeTiO3
Potassium Hexafluorotitanate  K2TiF6
Lithium Titanate  Li2TiO3
Magnesium Titanate  MgTiO3
Sodium Metatitanate  Na2Ti3O7
Nickel(II) Titanate  NiTiO3
Lead(II) Titanate  PbTiO4
Titanium(II) Bromide  TiBr2
Titanium(III) Bromide  TiBr3
Titanium(IV) Bromide  TiBr4
Titanium(IV) Ethoxide  TiC8H20O4
Titanium(II) Chloride  TiCl2
Titanium(III) Chloride  TiCl3
Titanium(IV) Chloride  TiCl4
Titanium(II) Fluoride  TiF2
Titanium(III) Fluoride  TiF3
Titanium(IV) Fluoride  TiF4
Titanium(II) Hydride  TiH2
Titanium(II) Iodide  TiI2
Titanium(III) Iodide  TiI3
Titanium(IV) Iodide  TiI4
Titanium(II) Oxide  TiO
Titanium(IV) Oxide  TiO2
Titanium(III) Phosphide  TiP
Titanium(II) Sulfide  TiS
Titanium(IV) Sulfide  Ti(SO4)2
Titanium(IV) Silicide  TiSi2
Titanium(III) Oxide  Ti2O3
Titanium(III) Sulfide  Ti2(SO4)3
Titanium(III, IV) Oxide  Ti3O5
Zinc Titanate  ZnTiO3
Titanic Acid  Ti(OH)4