›› Physical and chemical properties of Sulfur

Atomic Number:16
Element Symbol:S
Element Name:Sulfur
Atomic Weight:32.065
Group Number:16
Group Name:Chalcogen
Period Number:3
Ground State Configuration:[Ne] 3s2 3p4
Ground State Level:3P2
Standard State:Solid
Common Valences:2,4,6
Bond Length:205
Atomic Radius Empirical:100
Atomic Radius Calculated:88
Covalent Radius Empirical:102
Vander Waals Radius:180
Electron Affinity:200
First Ionization Energy:999.6
Pauling Electronegativity:2.58
Sanderson Electronegativity:2.96
Allred Rochow Electronegativity:2.44
Mulliken Jaffe Electronegativity:2.69
Allen Electronegativity:2.589
Density Of Solid:1960
Molar Volume:15.53
Bulk Modulus:7.7
Mineral Hardness:2.0
Electrical Resistivity:> 10**23
Refractive Index:1.001111
Melting Point:115.21
Boiling Point:444.72
Critical Temperature:1041
Thermal Conductivity:0.205
Enthalpy Of Fusion:1.73
Enthalpy Of Vaporization:9.8
Enthalpy Of Atmization:279
Most Common Oxidation Numbers:6,4,2,-2
Color:Lemon yellow
Discovered By:Known since ancient times
Discovered At:not known
Origin Of Name:From the Sanskrit word sulvere meaning sulphur; also from the Latin word sulphurium meaning sulphur

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››Compounds that contain Sulfur

Aluminium Sulfate  Al2(SO4)3
Ammonium Sulfate  (NH4)2SO4
Barium Sulfate  BaSO4
Cadmium Sulfate  CdSO4
Carbon Disulfide  CS2
Carbonyl Sulfide  COS
Fluorosulfuric Acid  FHO3S
Hydrogen Sulfide  H2S
Lithium Sulfate  Li2SO4
Magnesium Sulfate  MgSO4
Molybdenum Disulfide  MoS2
Nitrosylsulfuric Acid  NOHSO4
Potassium Sulfate  K2SO4
Potassium Sulfide  K2S
Pyrosulfuric Acid  H2S2O7
Silver Sulfide  Ag2S
Sodium Hydrosulfide  NaHS
Sodium Sulfate  Na2SO4
Sodium Sulfide  Na2S
Sodium Sulfite  Na2SO3
Sulfamic Acid  H3NSO3
Sulfur Dioxide  SO2
Sulfuric Acid  H2SO4
Sulfurous Acid  H2SO3
Sulfuryl Chloride  SO2Cl2
Tetrasulfur Tetranitride  S4N4
Thionyl Chloride  SOCl2
Zinc Sulfate  ZnSO4
Zinc Sulfide  ZnS
Methylene Blue  C16H18N3SCl
Mustard Gas  C4H8Cl2S
Phenylthiocarbamide  C7H8N2S
Copper(II) Sulfate  CuSO4
Magnesium Sulfide  MgS
Iron Sulfate  FeSO4
Ferrous Sulfate  FeSO4
Aluminium Sulfide  Al2S3
Calcium Sulfate  CaSO4
Sodium Thiosulfate  Na2S2O3
Allicin  C6H10OS2
Iron Sulfide  FeS2
Sulfanilic acid  C6H7NO3S
Silver Thiocyanate  AgSNC
Silver Sulfate  Ag2SO4
Silver Thioantimonate  Ag3SbS3
Arsenic Trisulfide  As2S3
Arsenic Tetrasulfide  As2S4
Arsenic Pentasulfide  As2S5
Tetraarsenic Tetrasulfide  As4S4
Gold(I) Sulfide  Au2S
Gold(III) Sulfide  Au2S3
Diboron Trisulfide  B2S3
Barium Hydrosulfide  Ba(HS)2
Barium Thiocyanate  Ba(SCN)2
Barium Sulfite  BaSO3
Barium Thiosulfate  BaS2O3
Beryllium Sulfide  BeS
Beryllium Sulfate  BeSO4
Beryllium Sulfate Tetrahydrate  BeSO4.4H2O
Bismuth(III) Sulfide  Bi2S3
Calcium Sulfide  CaS
Cadmium Sulfide  CdS
Cerium(II) Sulfide  CeS
Cerium(III) Sulfide  Ce2S3
Cobalt(IV) Sulfide  CoS2
Cobalt(II) Sulfate  CoSO4
Cobalt(III) Sulfide  Co2S3
Chromium(III) Sulfate  Cr2(SO4)3
Chromium(III) Sulfide  Cr2S3
Cesium Sulfide  Cs2S
Cesium Sulfate  Cs2SO4
Copper(II) Sulfide  CuS
Copper(I) Thiocyanate  CuSCN
Copper(I) Sulfide  Cu2S
Dysprosium(III) Sulfide  Dy2S3
Erbium(II) Sulfide  ErS
Erbium(III) Sulfate  Er2(SO4)3
Erbium(III) Sulfide  Er2S3
Europium(II) Sulfide  EuS
Europium(III) Sulfate  Eu2(SO4)3
Iron(II) Sulfide  FeS
Iron(III) Sulfate  Fe2(SO4)3
Gallium(II) Sulfide  GaS
Gallium(III) Sulfide  Ga2S3
Gallium(III) Sulfate  Ga2(SO4)3
Gadolinium(III) Sulfide  Gd2S3
Germanium(II) Sulfide  GeS
Germanium(IV) Sulfide  GeS2
Hafnium Sulfate  Hf(SO4)2
Hafnium Sulfide  HfS2
Mercury(II) Sulfide  HgS
Mercury(II) Thiocyanate  Hg(SCN)2
Mercury(II) Sulfate  HgSO4
Holmium Sulfide  Ho2S3
Indium(II) Sulfide  InS
Indium(III) Sulfate  In2(SO4)3
Indium(III) Sulfide  In2S3
Iridium(IV) Sulfide  IrS2
Iridium(III) Sulfide  Ir2S3
Potassium Trifluoromethanesulfonate  KCHF3O3S
Potassium Xanthogenate  KC3H5S2O
Potassium Dimethyldithiocarbamate  KC3H7NS2
Potassium Bisulfate  KHSO4
Potassium Thiocyanate  KSCN
Potassium Thiosulfate  K2H2S2O3
Potassium Metabisulfite  K2S2O5
Potassium Pyrosulfate  K2S2O7
Potassium Persulfate  K2S2O8
Lanthanum Sulfide  La2S3
Lithium Sulfide  Li2S
Lutetium Sulfide  Lu2S3
Manganese(II) Sulfide  MnS
Manganese(II) Sulfate  MnSO4
Molybdenum(III) Sulfide  Mo2S3
Sodium Formaldehydesulfoxylate  NaCH3SO3
Sodium Ethenesulfonate  NaC2H3SO3
Sodium Benzosulfonate  NaC6H6SO3
Sodium Tosylate  NaC7H7SO3
Sodium Xylenesulfonate  NaC8H9SO3
Sodium Bisulfide  NaHS
Sodium Bisulfite  NaHSO3
Sodium Thiocyanate  NaSCN
Sodium Dithionate  Na2S2O6
Sodium Sulfide Pentahydrate  Na2S.5H2O
Sodium Sulfide Nonahydrate  Na2S.9H2O
Sodium Dithionite  Na2S2O4
Sodium Metabisulfite  Na2S2O5
Sodium Pyrosulfate  Na2S2O7
Sodium Persulfate  Na2S2O8
Sodium Thioantimonide  Na3SbS4
Niobium(IV) Sulfide  NbS2
Neodymium(II) Sulfide  NdS
Neodymium(III) Sulfide  Nd2S3
Nickel(II) Sulfide  NiS
Nickel(II) Sulfate  NiSO4
Nickel(III) Sulfide  Ni3S2
Neptunium(III) Sulfide  Np2S3
Osmium(IV) Sulfide  OsS2
Phosphorus Thiochloride  PSCl3
Phosphorus Trisulfide  P4S3
Phosphorus Tetrasulfide  P4S4
Phosphorus Hexasulfide  P4S6
Phosphorus Heptasulfide  P4S7
Phosphorus Nonasulfide  P4S9
Phosphorus Pentasulfide  P4S10
Lead(II) Sulfide  PbS
Lead(II) Thiocyanate  Pb(SCN)2
Lead(II) Sulfite  PbSO3
Lead(II) Sulfate  PbSO4
Palladium(II) Sulfide  PdS
Palladium(II) Sulfate  PdSO4
Palladium(IV) Sulfide  PdS2
Praseodymium(II) Sulfide  PrS
Praseodymium(III) Sulfide  Pr2S3
Platinum(II) Sulfide  PtS
Platinum(IV) Sulfide  PtS2
Plutonium(II) Sulfide  PuS
Plutonium(IV) Sulfide  PuS2
Radium Sulfate  RaSO4
Rubidium Sulfide  Rb2S
Rhenium(IV) Sulfide  ReS2
Rhenium(VII) Sulfide  Re2S7
Rhodium(IV) Sulfide  RhS2
Rhodium(III) Sulfate  Rh2(SO4)3
Rhodium(III) Sulfide  Rh2S3
Rhodium(VII) Sulfide  Rh2S7
Ruthenium(IV) Sulfide  RuS2
Sulfur Dichloride  SCl2
Sulfur Tetrachloride  SCl4
Sulfur Difluoride  SF2
Sulfur Tetrafluoride  SF4
Sulfur Hexafluoride  SF6
Sulfur Monoxide  SO
Sulfur Trioxide  SO3
Disulfur Dibromide  S2Br2
Disulfur Dichloride  S2Cl2
Disulfur Tetrafluoride  S2F4
Disulfur Decafluoride  S2F10
Disulfur Diiodide  S2I2
Disulfur Monoxide  S2O
Antimony Trisulfate  Sb2(SO4)3
Antimony Trisulfide  Sb2S3
Antimony Pentasulfide  S5Sb2
Scandium(III) Trifluoromethanesulfonate  Sc(CF3SO3)3
Scandium(III) Sulfide  Sc2S3
Selenium Monosulfide  SeS
Selenium Disulfide  SeS2
Selenium Hexasulfide  Se2S6
Silicon Sulfide  SiS2
Samarium(III) Sulfide  Sm2S3
Tin(II) Sulfide  SnS
Tin(II) Sulfate  SnSO4
Tin(IV) Sulfide  SnS2
Strontium Sulfide  SrS
Strontium Thiocyanate  SrSCN
Strontium Sulfite  SrSO3
Strontium Dithionate  SrS2O6
Tantalum(II) Sulfide  TaS
Tantalum(IV) Sulfide  TaS2
Terbium(III) Sulfide  Tb2S3
Technetium(IV) Sulfide  TcS2
Tellurium Disulfide  TeS2
Thorium(II) Sulfide  ThS
Thorium(IV) Sulfide  ThS2
Thorium(III) Sulfide  Th2S3
Titanium(II) Sulfide  TiS
Titanium(IV) Sulfide  Ti(SO4)2
Titanium(III) Sulfide  Ti2(SO4)3
Thallium(I) Sulfide  Tl2S
Thallium(I) Sulfate  Tl2SO4
Thulium(III) Sulfide  Tm2S3
Uranium(II) Sulfide  US
Vanadium(IV) Oxysulfate  VOSO4
Vanadium(IV) Sulfide  VS2
Vanadium(III) Sulfate  V2(SO4)3
Vanadium(III) Sulfide  V2S3
Tungsten(IV) Sulfide  WS2
Tungsten(VI) Sulfide  WS3
Yttrium(III) Trifluoromethanesulfonate  Y(CF3SO3)3
Yttrium(III) Sulfide  Y2S3
Ytterbium(III) Sulfide  Yb2S3
Zinc Dimethyldithiocarbonate  ZnC6H12N2S4
Zinc Dimethyldithiocarbamate  ZnC10H20N2S4
Zinc Thiocyanate  Zn(SCN)2
Zirconium(IV) Sulfate  Zr(SO4)2
Zirconium(IV) Sulfide  ZrS2
Cerium(IV) Sulfate  Ce(SO4)2
Persulfuric Acid  H2SO5
Sodium Hydrogen Sulfate  NaHSO4
Sodium Bisulfate  NaHSO4
Ammonium Hydrosulfide  (NH4)SH