›› Physical and chemical properties of Sodium

Atomic Number:11
Element Symbol:Na
Element Name:Sodium
Atomic Weight:22.989770
Group Number:1
Group Name:Alkali metal
Period Number:3
Ground State Configuration:[Ne] 3s
Ground State Level:2S1/2
Standard State:Solid
Common Valences:0,1
Bond Length:371.6
Atomic Radius Empirical:180
Atomic Radius Calculated:190
Covalent Radius Empirical:154
Vander Waals Radius:227
Electron Affinity:52.8
First Ionization Energy:495.8
Pauling Electronegativity:0.93
Sanderson Electronegativity:0.56
Allred Rochow Electronegativity:1.01
Mulliken Jaffe Electronegativity:0.91
Allen Electronegativity:0.869
Density Of Solid:968
Molar Volume:23.78
Velocity Of Sound:3200
Youngs Modulus:10
Rigidity Modulus:3.3
Bulk Modulus:6.3
Mineral Hardness:0.5
Brinell Hardness:0.69
Electrical Resistivity:4.7
Melting Point:97.72
Boiling Point:883
Critical Temperature:2300
Thermal Conductivity:140
Coefficient Of Linear Expansion:71
Enthalpy Of Fusion:2.60
Enthalpy Of Vaporization:97.7
Enthalpy Of Atmization:107
Most Common Oxidation Numbers:1
Color:Silvery white
Discovered By:Sir Humphrey Davy
Discovered At:England
Discovered When:1807
Origin Of Name:From the English word soda (the origin of the symbol Na comes from the Latin word natrium)

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››Compounds that contain Sodium

Baking Soda  NaHCO3
Sodium Acetate  CH3COONa
Sodium Borohydride  NaBH4
Sodium Bromide  NaBr
Sodium Bromate  NaBrO3
Sodium Carbonate  Na2CO3
Sodium Chloride  NaCl
Sodium Chlorate  NaClO3
Sodium Cyanide  NaCN
Sodium Hydride  NaH
Sodium Hydrosulfide  NaHS
Sodium Hydroxide  NaOH
Sodium Iodide  NaI
Sodium Nitrate  NaNO3
Sodium Nitrite  NaNO2
Sodium Silicate  Na2SiO3
Sodium Sulfate  Na2SO4
Sodium Sulfide  Na2S
Sodium Sulfite  Na2SO3
Sodium Tellurite  Na2TeO3
Trisodium Phosphate  Na3PO4
Sodium Bicarbonate  NaHCO3
Sodium Thiosulfate  Na2S2O3
Sodium Tetrachloroaluminate  NaAlCl4
Sodium Tetrafluoroaluminate  NaAlF4
Sodium Aluminate  NaAlO2
Sodium Arsenite  NaAsO2
Sodium Tetraphenylborate  NaB(C6H5)4
Sodium Borofluoride  NaBF4
Sodium Cyanoborohydride  NaBH3CN
Sodium Bismuthate  NaBiO3
Sodium Cyanate  NaCNO
Sodium Formate  NaCHO2
Sodium Methoxide  NaCH3O
Sodium Formaldehydesulfoxylate  NaCH3SO3
Sodium Monofluoroacetate  NaFCH2CO2
Sodium Ethenesulfonate  NaC2H3SO3
Sodium Ethoxide  NaC2H5O
Sodium Acrylate  NaC3H3O2
Sodium Propionate  NaC3H5O2
Sodium Lactate  NaC3H5O3
Sodium Hydromethylglycinate  NaC3H6NO3
Sodium Diacetate  NaH(C2H3O2)2
Sodium Benzosulfonate  NaC6H6SO3
Sodium Benzoate  NaC6H5CO2
Sodium Tosylate  NaC7H7SO3
Sodium Phenylacetate  NaC8H7O2
Sodium Xylenesulfonate  NaC8H9SO3
Sodium Caprylate  NaC8H15O2
Sodium Stearate  NaC18H35O2
Sodium Hypochlorite  NaClO
Sodium Chlorite  NaClO2
Sodium Perchlorate  NaClO4
Sodium Fluoride  NaF
Sodium Bifluoride  NaHF2
Sodium Bisulfide  NaHS
Sodium Bisulfite  NaHSO3
Sodium Iodate  NaIO3
Sodium Periodate  NaIO4
Sodium Amide  NaNH2
Sodium Azide  NaN3
Sodium Niobate  NaNbO3
Sodium Superoxide  NaO2
Sodium Hexafluorophosphate  NaPF6
Sodium Polyphosphate  NaPO3
Sodium Hexametaphosphate  (NaPO3)6
Sodium Perrhenate  NaReO4
Sodium Thiocyanate  NaSCN
Sodium Antimonate  NaSbO3
Sodium Metavanadate  NaVO3
Sodium Malonate  Na2C3H2O4
Sodium Tartrate  Na2C4H4O6
Sodium Adipate  Na2C6H8O4
Sodium Chromate  Na2CrO4
Sodium Fluorophosphate  Na2FPO3
Sodium Dithionate  Na2S2O6
Sodium Molybdate  Na2MoO4
Sodium Oxide  Na2O
Sodium Peroxide  Na2O2
Sodium Sulfide Pentahydrate  Na2S.5H2O
Sodium Sulfide Nonahydrate  Na2S.9H2O
Sodium Dithionite  Na2S2O4
Sodium Metabisulfite  Na2S2O5
Sodium Pyrosulfate  Na2S2O7
Sodium Persulfate  Na2S2O8
Sodium Selenide  Na2Se
Sodium Selenite  Na2SeO3
Sodium Selenate  Na2SeO4
Sodium Fluorosilicate  Na2SiF6
Sodium Stannate  Na2SnO3
Sodium Telluride  Na2Te
Sodium Metatitanate  Na2Ti3O7
Sodium Tungstate  Na2WO4
Sodium Hexafluoroaluminate  Na3AlF6
Sodium Cobaltnitrite  Na3Co(NO2)6
Sodium Antimonide  Na3Sb
Sodium Thioantimonide  Na3SbS4
Sodium Vanadate  Na3VO4
Sodium Ferrocyanide  Na4Fe(CN)6
Sodium Pyrophosphate  Na4P2O7
Sodium Orthosilicate  Na4SiO4
Sodium Tripolyphosphate  Na5P3O10
Borax  Na2B4O7.10H2O
Sodium Monofluorophosphate  Na2PFO3
Sodium Percarbonate  2Na2CO3.3H2O2
Sodium Hydrogen Sulfate  NaHSO4
Sodium Bisulfate  NaHSO4
Sodium Dichromate  Na2Cr2O7
Sodium Arsenate  Na3AsO4
Monosodium Phosphate  NaH2PO4
Disodium Phosphate  Na2HPO4