›› Physical and chemical properties of Selenium

Atomic Number:34
Element Symbol:Se
Element Name:Selenium
Atomic Weight:78.96
Group Number:16
Group Name:Chalcogen
Period Number:4
Ground State Configuration:[Ar] 3d10 4s2 4p4
Ground State Level:3P2
Standard State:Solid
Common Valences:2,4,6
Bond Length:232.1
Atomic Radius Empirical:115
Atomic Radius Calculated:103
Covalent Radius Empirical:116
Vander Waals Radius:190
Electron Affinity:195.0
First Ionization Energy:941.0
Pauling Electronegativity:2.55
Sanderson Electronegativity:3.01
Allred Rochow Electronegativity:2.48
Mulliken Jaffe Electronegativity:2.60
Allen Electronegativity:2.424
Density Of Solid:4819
Molar Volume:16.42
Velocity Of Sound:3350
Youngs Modulus:10
Rigidity Modulus:3.7
Bulk Modulus:8.3
Poissons Ratio:0.33
Mineral Hardness:2.0
Brinell Hardness:736
Electrical Resistivity:high
Refractive Index:1.000895
Melting Point:221
Boiling Point:685
Critical Temperature:1493
Thermal Conductivity:0.52
Enthalpy Of Fusion:5.4
Enthalpy Of Vaporization:26
Enthalpy Of Atmization:227
Most Common Oxidation Numbers:6,4,2,-2
Color:Grey, metallic lustre
Discovered By:Jons Berzelius
Discovered At:Sweden
Discovered When:1817
Origin Of Name:From the Greek word selene meaning moon

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››Compounds that contain Selenium

Hydrogen Selenide  H2Se
Selenium Dioxide  SeO2
Zinc Selenide  ZnSe
Silver Selenide  Ag2Se
Silver Selenite  Ag2SeO3
Silver Selenate  Ag2SeO4
Aluminium Selenide  Al2Se3
Arsenic Tetraselenide  AsSe4
Arsenic Hemiselenide  As2Se
Arsenic Triselenide  As2Se3
Arsenic Pentaselenide  As2Se5
Gold(II) Selenide  AuSe
Gold(III) Selenate  Au2(SeO4)3
Gold(III) Selenide  Au2Se3
Barium Selenide  BaSe
Barium Selenite  BaSeO3
Barium Selenate  BaSeO4
Beryllium Selenide  BeSe
Bismuth(III) Selenide  Bi2Se3
Calcium Selenide  CaSe
Cadmium Selenide  CdSe
Cobalt(II) Selenide  CoSe
Chromium(II) Selenide  CrSe
Cesium Selenide  Cs2Se
Copper(II) Selenide  CuSe
Copper(I) Selenide  Cu2Se
Europium(II) Selenide  EuSe
Iron(II) Selenide  FeSe
Gallium(II) Selenide  GaSe
Gallium(III) Selenide  Ga2Se3
Gadolinium(II) Selenide  GdSe
Germanium(II) Selenide  GeSe
Germanium(IV) Selenide  GeSe2
Hafnium Selenide  HfSe2
Mercury(II) Selenide  HgSe
Indium(II) Selenide  InSe
Indium(III) Selenide  In2Se3
Iridium(III) Selenide  IrSe2
Potassium Selenide  K2Se
Lithium Selenide  Li2Se
Magnesium Selenide  MgSe
Manganese(II) Selenide  MnSe
Manganese(IV) Selenide  MnSe2
Molybdenum(IV) Selenide  MoSe2
Sodium Selenide  Na2Se
Sodium Selenite  Na2SeO3
Sodium Selenate  Na2SeO4
Niobium(IV) Selenide  NbSe2
Niobium(VI) Selenide  NbSe3
Neodymium(II) Selenide  NdSe
Nickel(II) Selenide  NiSe
Osmium(IV) Selenide  OsSe2
Phosphorus Triselenide  P4Se3
Lead(II) Selenide  PbSe
Lead(II) Selenite  PbSeO3
Lead(II) Selenate  PbSeO4
Palladium(II) Selenide  PdSe
Palladium(IV) Selenide  PdSe2
Praseodymium(II) Selenide  PrSe
Platinum(IV) Selenide  PtSe2
Plutonium(II) Selenide  PuSe
Rubidium Selenide  Rb2Se
Rhodium(IV) Selenide  RhSe2
Ruthenium(IV) Selenide  RuSe2
Antimony Triselenide  Sb2Se3
Selenium Bromide  SeBr
Selenium Dibromide  SeBr2
Selenium Tetrabromide  SeBr4
Selenium Dichloride  SeCl2
Selenium Tetrachloride  SeCl4
Selenium Difluoride  SeF2
Selenium Tetrafluoride  SeF4
Selenium Hexafluoride  SeF6
Selenium Oxybromide  SeOBr2
Selenium Oxychloride  SeOCl2
Selenium Dioxydifluoride  SeO2F2
Selenium Trioxide  SeO3
Selenium Monosulfide  SeS
Selenium Disulfide  SeS2
Selenium Hexasulfide  Se2S6
Samarium(III) Selenide  Sm2Se3
Tin(II) Selenide  SnSe
Tin(IV) Selenide  SnSe2
Strontium Selenide  SrSe
Strontium Selenate  SrSeO4
Tantalum(IV) Selenide  TaSe2
Terbium(III) Selenide  Tb2Se3
Thorium(IV) Selenide  ThSe2
Thallium(I) Selenide  Tl2Se
Thallium(I) Selenate  Tl2SeO4
Uranium(VI) Selenide  USe3
Vanadium(IV) Selenide  VSe2
Tungsten(IV) Selenide  WSe2
Ytterbium(II) Selenide  YbSe
Ytterbium(III) Selenide  Yb2Se3
Zirconium(IV) Selenide  ZrSe2