›› Physical and chemical properties of Rubidium

Atomic Number:37
Element Symbol:Rb
Element Name:Rubidium
Atomic Weight:85.4678
Group Number:1
Group Name:Alkali metal
Period Number:5
Ground State Configuration:[Kr] 5s
Ground State Level:2S1/2
Standard State:Solid
Common Valences:0,1
Bond Length:495
Atomic Radius Empirical:235
Atomic Radius Calculated:265
Covalent Radius Empirical:211
Electron Affinity:46.9
First Ionization Energy:403.0
Pauling Electronegativity:0.82
Sanderson Electronegativity:0.31
Allred Rochow Electronegativity:0.89
Mulliken Jaffe Electronegativity:0.69
Allen Electronegativity:0.706
Density Of Solid:1532
Molar Volume:55.76
Velocity Of Sound:1300
Youngs Modulus:2.4
Bulk Modulus:2.5
Mineral Hardness:0.3
Brinell Hardness:0.216
Electrical Resistivity:12
Melting Point:39.31
Boiling Point:688
Critical Temperature:1820
Thermal Conductivity:58
Enthalpy Of Fusion:2.19
Enthalpy Of Vaporization:72
Enthalpy Of Atmization:81
Most Common Oxidation Numbers:1
Color:Silvery white
Discovered By:Robert Bunsen, Gustav Kirchhoff
Discovered At:Germany
Discovered When:1861
Origin Of Name:From the Latin word rubidius meaning dark red or deepest red

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››Compounds that contain Rubidium

Rubidium Bromide  RbBr
Rubidium Chloride  RbCl
Rubidium Fluoride  RbF
Rubidium Hydroxide  RbOH
Rubidium Iodide  RbI
Rubidium Nitrate  RbNO3
Rubidium Oxide  Rb2O
Rubidium Telluride  Rb2Te
Rubidium Tetrachloroaluminate  RbAlCl4
Rubidium Tetrafluoroaluminate  RbAlF4
Rubidium Acetate  RbC2H3O2
Rubidium Acetylacetonate  RbC5H7O2
Rubidium Hydride  RbH
Rubidium Iodate  RbIO3
Rubidium Periodate  RbIO4
Rubidium Superoxide  RbO2
Rubidium Peroxide  Rb2O2
Rubidium Sulfide  Rb2S
Rubidium Selenide  Rb2Se