›› Physical and chemical properties of Phosphorus

Atomic Number:15
Element Symbol:P
Element Name:Phosphorus
Atomic Weight:30.973761
Group Number:15
Group Name:Pnictogen
Period Number:3
Ground State Configuration:[Ne] 3s2 3p3
Ground State Level:4So3/2
Standard State:Solid
Common Valences:3,5
Bond Length:221
Atomic Radius Empirical:100
Atomic Radius Calculated:98
Covalent Radius Empirical:106
Vander Waals Radius:180
Electron Affinity:72
First Ionization Energy:1011.8
Pauling Electronegativity:2.19
Sanderson Electronegativity:2.52
Allred Rochow Electronegativity:2.06
Mulliken Jaffe Electronegativity:2.30
Allen Electronegativity:2.253
Density Of Solid:1823
Molar Volume:17.02
Bulk Modulus:11
Electrical Resistivity:10
Refractive Index:1.001212
Melting Point:44.2
Boiling Point:277
Critical Temperature:721
Thermal Conductivity:0.236
Enthalpy Of Fusion:0.64
Enthalpy Of Vaporization:12.4
Enthalpy Of Atmization:315
Most Common Oxidation Numbers:5,3,-3
Color:Colourless/red/silvery white
Discovered By:Hennig Brand
Discovered At:Germany
Discovered When:1669
Origin Of Name:From the Greek word phosphoros meaning bringer of light (an ancient name for the planet Venus?)

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››Compounds that contain Phosphorus

Aluminium Phosphide  AlP
Gallium Phosphide  GaP
Hypophosphorous Acid  H3PO2
Indium Phosphide  InP
Magnesium Phosphate  Mg3(PO4)2
Orthophosphoric Acid  H3PO4
Phosphine  PH3
Phosphorus Pentabromide  PBr5
Phosphorus Pentafluoride  PF5
Phosphorus Tribromide  PBr3
Phosphorus Trichloride  PCl3
Phosphorus Trifluoride  PF3
Phosphorus Triiodide  PI3
Potassium Titanyl Phosphate  KTiOPO4
Tripotassium Phosphate  K3PO4
Trisodium Phosphate  Na3PO4
Phosphoric Acid  H3PO4
Aluminium Phosphate  AlPO4
Calcium Dihydrogen Phosphate  Ca(H2PO4)2
Phosphorous Acid  H3PO3
Phosphorus Pentachloride  PCl5
Phosphoryl chloride  POCl3
Triphenylphosphine  P(C6H5)3
Silver Phosphate  Ag3PO4
Arsenic Monophosphide  AsP
Arsenic Phosphide  AsP3
Arsenic Diphosphide  As2P2
Arsenic Triphosphide  AsP3
Boron Monophosphide  BP
Boron Orthophosphate  BPO4
Barium Metaphosphate  Ba(PO3)2
Barium Pyrophosphate  Ba2P2O7
Beryllium Phosphate  Be3(PO4)2
Bismuth(III) Phosphate  BiPO4
Calcium Hydrogenorthophosphate  CaHPO4
Calcium Hypophosphite  Ca(H2PO2)2
Calcium Pyrophosphate  Ca2P2O7
Calcium Phosphate  Ca3(PO4)2
Calcium Phosphide  Ca3P2
Cadmium Phosphide  Cd3P2
Chromium(III) Phosphate  CrPO4
Copper(II) Pyrophosphate  Cu2P2O7
Iron(III) Hypophosphite  Fe(H2PO2)3
Iron(III) Phosphate  FePO4
Iron(II) Phosphate  Fe3(PO4)2
Iron(III) Pyrophosphate  Fe4(P2O7)3
Hafnium Phosphide  HfP
Indium(III) Phosphate  InPO4
Potassium Diphosphate  KH2PO4
Potassium Hexafluorophosphate  KPF6
Potassium Metaphosphate  KPO3
Potassium Pyrophosphate  K4P2O7
Lithium Hexafluorophosphate  LiPF6
Lithium Dihydrogenphosphate  LiPH2O4
Lithium Phosphate  Li3PO4
Magnesium Glycerophosphate  MgC3H9O6P
Manganese(II) Phosphate  Mn3(PO4)2
Sodium Hexafluorophosphate  NaPF6
Sodium Polyphosphate  NaPO3
Sodium Hexametaphosphate  (NaPO3)6
Sodium Fluorophosphate  Na2FPO3
Sodium Pyrophosphate  Na4P2O7
Sodium Tripolyphosphate  Na5P3O10
Phosphorus Oxybromide  POBr3
Phosphorus Thiochloride  PSCl3
Phosphorus Tetrabromide  P2Br4
Phosphorus Tetrachloride  P2Cl4
Phosphorus Tetrafluoride  P2F4
Phosphorus Tetrahydride  P2H4
Phosphorus Tetraiodide  P2I4
Phosphorus Pentoxide  P2O5
Phosphorus Hexoxide  P4O6
Phosphorus Decaoxide  P4O10
Phosphorus Trisulfide  P4S3
Phosphorus Tetrasulfide  P4S4
Phosphorus Hexasulfide  P4S6
Phosphorus Heptasulfide  P4S7
Phosphorus Nonasulfide  P4S9
Phosphorus Pentasulfide  P4S10
Phosphorus Triselenide  P4Se3
Lead(II) Hypophosphite  Pb(H2PO2)2
Lead(II) Phosphate  Pb3(PO4)2
Strontium Phosphide  Sr3P2
Titanium(III) Phosphide  TiP
Thallium(I) Hexafluorophosphate  TlPF6
Yttrium(III) Phosphide  YP
Zinc Glyercophosphate  ZnC3H7O6P
Zinc Pyrophosphate  Zn2P2O7
Zinc Phosphide  Zn3P2
Zinc Phosphate  Zn3(PO4)2
Zirconium(IV) Phosphide  ZrP2
Sodium Monofluorophosphate  Na2PFO3
Ammonium Phosphate  (NH4)3PO4
Cyanocobalamin  C63H88CoN14O14P
Lithium Phosphide  Li3P
Monosodium Phosphate  NaH2PO4
Disodium Phosphate  Na2HPO4