Physical and chemical properties of Nitrogen

Atomic Number:7
Element Symbol:N
Element Name:Nitrogen
Atomic Weight:14.0067
Group Number:15
Group Name:Pnictogen
Period Number:2
Ground State Configuration:1s2 2s2 2p3
Ground State Level:4So3/2
Standard State:Gas
Common Valences:3
Bond Length:109.76
Atomic Radius Empirical:65
Atomic Radius Calculated:56
Covalent Radius Empirical:75
Vander Waals Radius:155
Electron Affinity:7
First Ionization Energy:1402.3
Pauling Electronegativity:3.04
Sanderson Electronegativity:3.19
Allred Rochow Electronegativity:3.07
Mulliken Jaffe Electronegativity:2.90
Allen Electronegativity:3.066
Molar Volume:13.54
Velocity Of Sound:333.6
Refractive Index:1.000298 (gas; liquid 1.197)
Melting Point:-210.1
Boiling Point:-195.79
Critical Temperature:-146.9
Thermal Conductivity:0.02583
Enthalpy Of Fusion:0.36 (per mol N atoms)
Enthalpy Of Vaporization:2.79 (per mole N atoms)
Enthalpy Of Atmization:473
Most Common Oxidation Numbers:5,3,-3
Discovered By:Daniel Rutherford
Discovered At:Scotland
Discovered When:1772
Origin Of Name:From the Greek words nitron genes meaning nitre and forming and the Latin word nitrum (nitre is a common name for potassium nitrate, KNO#)

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