›› Physical and chemical properties of Iodine

Atomic Number:53
Element Symbol:I
Element Name:Iodine
Atomic Weight:126.90447
Group Number:17
Group Name:Halogen
Period Number:5
Ground State Configuration:[Kr] 4d10 5s2 5p5
Ground State Level:2Po3/2
Standard State:Solid
Common Valences:1,3,5,7
Bond Length:266.6
Atomic Radius Empirical:140
Atomic Radius Calculated:115
Covalent Radius Empirical:133
Vander Waals Radius:198
Electron Affinity:295.2
First Ionization Energy:1008.4
Pauling Electronegativity:2.66
Sanderson Electronegativity:2.78
Allred Rochow Electronegativity:2.21
Mulliken Jaffe Electronegativity:2.74
Allen Electronegativity:2.359
Density Of Solid:4940
Molar Volume:25.72
Bulk Modulus:7.7
Electrical Resistivity:> 10**15
Melting Point:113.7
Boiling Point:184.3
Critical Temperature:546
Thermal Conductivity:0.449
Enthalpy Of Fusion:7.76 (per mol I atoms)
Enthalpy Of Vaporization:20.9 (per mole I atoms)
Enthalpy Of Atmization:107
Most Common Oxidation Numbers:7,5,3,1,-1
Color:Violet-dark grey, lustrous
Discovered By:Bernard Courtois
Discovered At:France
Discovered When:1811
Origin Of Name:From the Greek word iodes meaning violet

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››Compounds that contain Iodine

Barium Iodide  BaI2
Cadmium Iodide  CdI2
Carbon Tetraiodide  CI4
Hydroiodic Acid  HI
Iodic Acid  HIO3
Iodine Heptafluoride  IF7
Iodine Pentafluoride  IF5
Iodine Monochloride  ICl
Lithium Iodide  LiI
Phosphorus Triiodide  PI3
Potassium Iodide  KI
Rubidium Iodide  RbI
Silver Iodide  AgI
Sodium Iodide  NaI
Zinc Iodide  ZnI2
Iodine Trichloride  I2Cl6
Silver Iodate  AgIO3
Silver(III) Triiodide  Ag3I3
Aluminium Iodide  AlI3
Arsenic Diiodide  AsI2
Arsenic Triiodide  AsI3
Gold(I) Iodide  AuI
Gold(III) Iodide  AuI3
Boron Triiodide  BI3
Barium Tetraiodomercurate  BaHgI4
Barium Iodide Dihydrate  BaI2.2H2O
Beryllium Iodide  BeI2
Bismuth(III) Iodide  BiI3
Bismuth(III) Oxyiodide  BiOI
Berkelium(III) Iodide  BkI3
Calcium Iodate  Ca(IO3)2
Calcium Iodide  CaI2
Cadmium Iodate  Cd(IO3)2
Cerium(II) Iodide  CeI2
Cerium(III) Iodide  CeI3
Californium(II) Iodide  CfI2
Californium(III) Iodide  CfI3
Curium(III) Iodide  CmI3
Cobalt(II) Iodide  CoI2
Cobalt(II) Iodate  Co(IO3)2
Chromium(II) Iodide  CrI2
Chromium(III) Iodide  CrI3
Chromium(IV) Iodide  CrI4
Cesium Iodide  CsI
Cesium Iodate  CsIO3
Cesium Periodate  CsIO4
Cesium Tetraiodocadamate  Cs2CdI4
Cesium Tetraiodozincate  Cs2ZnI4
Copper(I) Iodide  CuI
Dysprosium(II) Iodide  DyI2
Dysprosium(III) Iodide  DyI3
Erbium(III) Iodide  ErI3
Einsteinium(II) Iodide  EsI2
Einsteinium(III) Iodide  EsI3
Europium(II) Iodide  EuI2
Europium(III) Iodide  EuI3
Iron(II) Iodide  FeI2
Iron(III) Iodide  FeI3
Gallium(III) Iodide  GaI3
Gadolinium(II) Iodide  GdI2
Gadolinium(III) Iodide  GdI3
Germanium(II) Iodide  GeI2
Germanium(IV) Iodide  GeI4
Hafnium Iodide  HfI3
Mercury(II) Iodate  Hg(IO3)2
Mercury(II) Iodide  HgI2
Mercury(I) Iodide  Hg2I2
Holmium Iodide  HoI3
Iodine Monobromide  IBr
Iodine Monofluoride  IF
Iodine(III) Fluoride  IF3
Iodine Monoazide  IN3
Diiodine Tetroxide  I2O4
Diiodine Pentoxide  I2O5
Indium(I) Iodide  InI
Indium(III) Iodide  InI3
Indium(I, III) Iodide  In2I4
Iridium(II) Iodide  IrI2
Iridium(III) Iodide  IrI3
Iridium(IV) Iodide  IrI4
Potassium Iodate  KIO3
Potassium Periodate  KIO4
Lanthanum Iodide  LaI3
Lithium Iodide Trihydrate  LiI.3H2O
Lutetium Iodide  LuI3
Magnesium Iodide  MgI2
Manganese(II) Iodide  MnI2
Manganese(II) Iodide Tetrahydrate  MnI2.4H2O
Molybdenum(II) Iodide  MoI2
Molybdenum(III) Iodide  MoI3
Molybdenum(IV) Iodide  MoI4
Nitrogen Triiodide  NI3
Sodium Iodate  NaIO3
Sodium Periodate  NaIO4
Niobium(III) Iodide  NbI3
Niobium(IV) Iodide  NbI4
Niobium(V) Iodide  NbI5
Neodymium(II) Iodide  NdI2
Neodymium(III) Iodide  NdI3
Nickel(II) Iodide  NiI2
Neptunium(III) Iodide  NpI3
Osmium(I) Iodide  OsI
Osmium(II) Iodide  OsI2
Osmium(III) Iodide  OsI3
Phosphorus Tetraiodide  P2I4
Protactinium(III) Iodide  PaI3
Protactinium(IV) Iodide  PaI4
Protactinium(V) Iodide  PaI5
Lead(II) Iodate  Pb(IO3)2
Lead(II) Iodide  PbI2
Palladium(II) Iodide  PdI2
Praseodymium(II) Iodide  PrI2
Praseodymium(III) Iodide  PrI3
Platinum(II) Iodide  PtI2
Platinum(III) Iodide  PtI3
Platinum(IV) Iodide  PtI4
Plutonium(III) Iodide  PuI3
Radium Iodide  RaI2
Rubidium Iodate  RbIO3
Rubidium Periodate  RbIO4
Rhenium(III) Iodide  ReI3
Rhenium(IV) Iodide  ReI4
Rhodium(III) Iodide  RhI3
Ruthenium(II) Iodide  RuI2
Ruthenium(III) Iodide  RuI3
Disulfur Diiodide  S2I2
Antimony Triiodide  SbI3
Antimony Pentaiodide  SbI5
Scandium(III) Iodide  ScI3
Silicon Iodide  SiI4
Samarium(II) Iodide  SmI2
Samarium(III) Iodide  SmI3
Tin(II) Iodide  SnI2
Tin(IV) Iodide  SnI4
Strontium Iodide  SrI2
Tantalum(IV) Iodide  TaI4
Tantalum(V) Iodide  TaI5
Terbium(III) Iodide  TbI3
Tellurium Monoiodide  TeI
Tellurium Tetraiodide  TeI4
Thorium(II) Iodide  ThI2
Thorium(III) Iodide  ThI3
Thorium(IV) Iodide  ThI4
Titanium(II) Iodide  TiI2
Titanium(III) Iodide  TiI3
Titanium(IV) Iodide  TiI4
Thallium(I) Iodide  TlI
Thallium(III) Iodate  TlIO3
Thallium(I) Triiodide  TlI3
Thulium(II) Iodide  TmI2
Thulium(III) Iodide  TmI3
Uranium(III) Iodide  UI3
Uranium(IV) Iodide  UI4
Vanadium(II) Iodide  VI2
Vanadium(III) Iodide  VI3
Vanadium(IV) Iodide  VI4
Tungsten(II) Iodide  WI2
Tungsten(III) Iodide  WI3
Tungsten(IV) Iodide  WI4
Tungsten(VI) Dioxydiiodide  WO2I2
Yttrium(III) Iodide  YI3
Ytterbium(II) Iodide  YbI2
Ytterbium(III) Iodide  YbI3
Zinc Iodate  Zn(IO3)2
Zirconium(II) Iodide  ZrI2
Zirconium(III) Iodide  ZrI3
Zirconium(IV) Iodide  ZrI4
Hydrogen Iodide  HI
Ammonium Iodide  NH4I