›› Physical and chemical properties of Hydrogen

Atomic Number:1
Element Symbol:H
Element Name:Hydrogen
Atomic Weight:1.00794
Group Number:1
Group Name:none
Period Number:1
Ground State Configuration:1s
Ground State Level:2S1/2
Standard State:Gas
Common Valences:1
Bond Length:74.130
Atomic Radius Empirical:25
Atomic Radius Calculated:53
Covalent Radius Empirical:37
Vander Waals Radius:120
Electron Affinity:72.8
First Ionization Energy:1312.0
Pauling Electronegativity:2.20
Sanderson Electronegativity:2.59
Allred Rochow Electronegativity:2.20
Mulliken Jaffe Electronegativity:2.25
Allen Electronegativity:2.300
Molar Volume:11.42
Velocity Of Sound:1270
Refractive Index:1.000132 (gas; liquid 1.12)
Melting Point:-259.14
Boiling Point:-252.87
Critical Temperature:-240
Thermal Conductivity:0.1805
Enthalpy Of Fusion:0.558 (per mol H atoms)
Enthalpy Of Vaporization:0.452 (per mole H atoms)
Enthalpy Of Atmization:218
Most Common Oxidation Numbers:1,-1
Discovered By:Henry Cavendish
Discovered At:London, England
Discovered When:1766
Origin Of Name:From the Greek words hydro and genes meaning water and generator

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››Compounds that contain Hydrogen

Abietic Acid  C20H30O2
Acenaphthene  C12H10
Acenaphthoquinone  C12H6O2
Acenaphthylene  C12H8
Acetaldehyde  CH3CHO
Acetanilide  C6H5NH(COCH3)
Acetic Acid  CH3COOH
Acetone  (CH3)2CO
Acetonitrile  CH3CN
Acetophenone  C6H5C(O)CH3
Benzaldehyde  C6H5CHO
Benzene  C6H6
Benzoic Acid  C6H5COOH
Benzyl Alcohol  C6H5CH2OH
Bromobenzene  C6H5Br
Bromomethane  CH3Br
Butanal  CH3(CH2)2CHO
Butane  C4H10
2-Butanol  CH3CH(OH)CH2CH3
Carbonic Acid  H2CO3
Chloral Hydrate  C2H3Cl3O2
Chloroethene  C2H3Cl
Chloroform  CHCl3
Citric Acid  C6H8O7
Cyclohexane  C6H12
Diethyl Ether  (C2H5)2O
Ethane  C2H6
Ethanol  CH3CH2OH
Ethene  C2H4
Ethidium Bromide  C21H20BrN3
Ethyl Acetate  CH3COOCH2CH3
Ethylamine  CH3CH2NH2
Ethylbenzene  C6H5CH2CH3
Ethylene  C2H4
Ethylene Glycol  HOCH2CH2OH
Formaldehyde  CH2O
Glucose  C6H12O6
Glycerol  C3H8O3
Glycine  NH2CH2COOH
Heptane  H3C(CH2)5CH3
Hexane  C6H14
Histidine  C6H9N3O2
Isoborneol  C10H18O
Lactic Acid  CH3CH(OH)COOH
Lactose  C12H22O11
Lysine  HO2CCH(NH2)(CH2)4NH2
Maleic Anhydride  C2H2(CO)2O
Methane  CH4
Methanol  CH3OH
Methyl Acetate  CH3COOCH3
2-Methylpropene  C4H8
Naphthalene  C10H8
Octane  C8H18
Pentane  C5H12
Phenacetin  CH3CONHC6H4OC2H5
Propane  C3H8
Propionic Acid  CH3CH2COOH
Styrene  C8H8
Sucrose  C12H22O11
Toluene  C6H5CH3
Valine  C5H11NO2
Water  H2O
Aluminium Hydroxide  Al(OH)3
Ammonia  NH3
Ammonium Acetate  CH3COONH4
Ammonium Bicarbonate  (NH4)HCO3
Ammonium Chloride  NH4Cl
Ammonium Hydroxide  NH4OH
Ammonium Nitrate  NH4NO3
Ammonium Sulfate  (NH4)2SO4
Antimony Hydride  SbH3
Arsine  AsH3
Baking Soda  NaHCO3
Barium Hydroxide  Ba(OH)2
Beryllium Hydroxide  Be(OH)2
Boric Acid  H3BO3
N-Butyllithium  C4H9Li
Cacodylic Acid  (CH3)2AsO2H
Caesium Bicarbonate  CsHCO3
Calcium Hydride  CaH2
Calcium Hydroxide  Ca(OH)2
Carboplatin  C6H12N2O4Pt
Chromic Acid  H2CrO4
Diborane  B2H6
Dichlorosilane  Cl2H2Si
Dimethylmercury  CH3HgCH3
Disilane  H6Si2
Fluorosulfuric Acid  FHO3S
Hydrazine  N2H4
Hydrazoic Acid  HN3
Hydrobromic Acid  HBr
Hydrochloric Acid  HCl
Hydroiodic Acid  HI
Hydrogen Fluoride  HF
Hydrogen Peroxide  H2O2
Hydrogen Selenide  H2Se
Hydrogen Sulfide  H2S
Hydrogen Telluride  H2Te
Hypochlorous Acid  HClO
Hypophosphorous Acid  H3PO2
Iodic Acid  HIO3
Lithium Aluminium Hydride  LiAlH4
Lithium Hydride  LiH
Lithium Hydroxide  LiOH
Molybdic Acid  H2MoO4
Nickelocene  Ni(C5H5)2
Nitric Acid  HNO3
Nitrosylsulfuric Acid  NOHSO4
Nitrous Acid  HNO2
Orthophosphoric Acid  H3PO4
Perchloric Acid  HClO4
Perxenic Acid  H4XeO6
Phosphine  PH3
Potassium Hydrogen Carbonate  KHCO3
Potassium Hydroxide  KOH
Pyrosulfuric Acid  H2S2O7
Rubidium Hydroxide  RbOH
Silane  SiH4
Sodium Acetate  CH3COONa
Sodium Borohydride  NaBH4
Sodium Hydride  NaH
Sodium Hydrosulfide  NaHS
Sodium Hydroxide  NaOH
Sulfamic Acid  H3NSO3
Sulfuric Acid  H2SO4
Sulfurous Acid  H2SO3
Telluric Acid  Te(OH)6
Tellurous Acid  H2TeO3
Tetraethyl Lead  (CH3CH2)4Pb
Titanocene Dichloride  (C5H5)2TiCl2
Trinitrotoluene  C6H2(NO2)3CH3
Trinitroglycerine  C3H5(NO3)3
Tungstic Acid  H2WO4
Vanadocene Dichloride  C10H10Cl2V
Xenic Acid  H2XeO4
Zirconium Hydroxide  Zr(OH)4
Acetaminophen  C8H9NO2
Acetylene  C2H2
Acridine  C13H9N
Acrylamide  C3H5NO
Anthracene  (C6H4CH)2
Cadaverine  NH2(CH2)5NH2
Cinnoline  C8H6N2
Cyclopentadiene  C5H6
Cytosine  C4H5N3O
Epinephrine  C9H13NO3
Formic Acid  HCOOH
Hexamine  (CH2)6N4
Isopropanol  (CH3)2CHOH
Methylene Blue  C16H18N3SCl
N-Methylpyrrolidone  C5H9NO
Mustard Gas  C4H8Cl2S
Nitroglycerine  C3H5(NO3)3
Phenol  C6H5OH
Phenylthiocarbamide  C7H8N2S
Potassium Clavulanate  C8H8KNO5
Putrescine  NH2(CH2)4NH2
Pyridine  C5H5N
Tetryl  C7H5N5O8
Tyrosine  C9H11NO3
Urea  CO(NH2)2
Uric Acid  C5H4N4O3
Yohimbine Hydrochloride  C21H26N2O3.HCl
Ammonium Carbonate  (NH4)2CO3
Salicylic Acid  C6H4(OH)CO2H
Chlorous Acid  HClO2
Cyclohexanol  (CH2)5CHOH
Sucralose  C12H19Cl3O8
Fluorene  C13H10
Benzil  (C6H5CO)2
Alanine  CH3CH(NH2)COOH
Ammonium  NH4
Phosphoric Acid  H3PO4
Hexadecane  C16H34
Arginine  C6H14N4O2
Nitroglycerin  C3H5(NO3)3
Zinc Acetate  Zn(O2CCH3)2(H2O)2
Aniline  C6H5NH2
Sodium Bicarbonate  NaHCO3
Butanol  C4H9OH
Hydrogen Bromide  HBr
Potassium Bicarbonate  KHCO3
Calcium Acetate  Ca(C2H3O2)2
Calcium Dihydrogen Phosphate  Ca(H2PO4)2
Propylene  C3H6
Caffeine  C8H10N4O2
Aspirin  C9H8O4
Methylene Chloride  CH2Cl2
Dichloromethane  CH2Cl2
Magnesium Hydroxide  Mg(OH)2
Phosphorous Acid  H3PO3
Acetic Anhydride  (CH3CO)2O
Dextromethorphan  C18H25NO
Maltose  C12H22O11
Ibuprofen  C13H18O2
Isoprene  C5H8
Isopropyl Alcohol  C3H8O
Propionaldehyde  CH3CH2CHO
Allicin  C6H10OS2
Vanillin  C8H8O3
Ferrocene  Fe(C5H5)2
Benzoin  PhCH(OH)C(O)Ph
Butyric Acid  CH3CH2CH2 COOH
Hexanoic Acid  C5H11COOH
Caproic Acid  C5H11COOH
Sulfanilic acid  C6H7NO3S
Methyl isocyanate  C2H3NO
Ascorbic Acid  C6H8O6
Triphenylphosphine  P(C6H5)3
Propanol  CH3CH2CH2OH
Silver Acetate  AgC2H3O2
Diarsenic Tetrahydride  As2H4
Gold(III) Hydroxide  Au(OH)3
Boron Decahydride  B4H10
Barium Bromide Dihydrate  BaBr2.2H2O
Barium Formate  Ba(CHO2)2
Barium Acetate  Ba(C2H3O2)2
Barium Tartrate  BaC4H4O6
Barium Stearate  Ba(C18H35O2)2
Barium Chloride Dihydrate  BaCl2.2H2O
Barium Hydrosulfide  Ba(HS)2
Barium Hydride  BaH2
Barium Iodide Dihydrate  BaI2.2H2O
Beryllium Borohydride  Be(BH4)2
Beryllium Formate  Be(CHO2)2
Beryllium Acetate  Be4O(O2CCH3)6
Beryllium Acetylacetonate  Be(C5H7O2)2
Beryllium Hydride  BeH2
Beryllium Nitrate Tetrahydrate  Be(NO3)2.4H2O
Beryllium Nitrate Trihydrate  Be(NO3)2.3H2O
Beryllium Sulfate Tetrahydrate  BeSO4.4H2O
Bismuth(III) Citrate  BiC6H5O7
Bismuth(III) Hydride  BiH3
Bismuth(III) Hydroxide  Bi(OH)3
Bismuth(IV) Subnitrate  Bi5O(OH)9(NO3)4
Calcium Tetrahydroaluminate  Ca(AlH4)2
Calcium Formate  Ca(HCOO)2
Calcium Fumarate  Ca(C2H2(COO)2)
Calcium Propionate  Ca(C2H5COO)2
Calcium Chloride Hexahydrate  CaCl2.6H2O
Calcium Hydrogenorthophosphate  CaHPO4
Calcium Hypophosphite  Ca(H2PO2)2
Calcium Citrate  Ca3(C6H5O7)2
Cadmium Acetate  Cd(CH3CO2)2
Cadmium Hydroxide  Cd(OH)2
Cerium(II) Hydride  CeH2
Cobalt(II) Acetate  Co(C2H3O2)2
Cobalt(II) Naphthenate  Co(C11H10O2)2
Cobalt(III) Acetylacetonate  CoC15H21O6
Cobalt(II) Chloride Hexahydrate  CoCl2.6H2O
Cobalt(II) Nitrate Hexahydrate  Co(NO3)2.6H2O
Cobalt(II) Hydroxide  Co(OH)2
Cobalt(III) Hydroxide  Co(OH)3
Cobalt(III) Oxide Monohydrate  Co2O3.H2O
Chromium(III) Picolinate  Cr(C6H4NO2)3
Cesium Acetate  CH3CO2Cs
Cesium Hydride  CsH
Cesium Amide  CsNH2
Cesium Hydroxide  CsOH
Copper(II) Formate  Cu(CHO2)2
Copper(I) Acetate  CuC2H3O2
Copper(II) Acetate  Cu(CH3CO2)2
Copper(II) Stearate  Cu(C16H35O2)2
Copper(II) Oleate  Cu(C18H33O2)2
Copper(II) Chloride Dihydrate  CuCl2.2H2O
Copper(I) Hydride  CuH
Copper(II) Arsenite  CuHAsO3
Copper(II) Hydroxide  Cu(OH)2
Dysprosium(III) Hydride  DyH3
Erbium(III) Chloride Hexahydrate  ErCl3.6H2O
Erbium(III) Hydride  ErH3
Iron(II) Acetate  Fe(C2H3O2)2
Iron(II) Chloride Dihydrate  FeCl2.2H2O
Iron(II) Chloride Tetrahydrate  FeCl2.4H2O
Iron(III) Chloride Hexahydrate  FeCl3.6H2O
Iron(II) Fluoride Tetrahydrate  FeF2.4H2O
Iron(III) Fluoride Trihydrate  FeF3.3H2O
Iron(III) Hypophosphite  Fe(H2PO2)3
Iron(II) Hydroxide  Fe(OH)2
Iron(III) Hydroxide  Fe(OH)3
Gallium(III) Fluoride Trihydrate  GaF3.3H2O
Gallium(III) Hydride  GaH3
Gallium(III) Hydroxide  Ga(OH)3
Gadolinium(III) Chloride Hexahydrate  GdCl3.6H2O
Germanium(IV) Methoxide  Ge(CH3O)4
Germanium(IV) Hydride  GeH4
Hafnium Hydride  HfH2
Mercury(II) Acetate  Hg(C2H3O2)2
Mercury(II) Hydride  HgH2
Indium(III) Acetate  In(C2H3O2)3
Indium(III) Fluoride Trihydrate  InF3.3H2O
Indium(III) Fluoride Nonahydrate  InF3.9H2O
Indium(I) Hydride  InH
Indium(III) Hydroxide  In(OH)3
Iridium(II) Oxide Dihydrate  IrO2.2H2O
Potassium Trifluoromethanesulfonate  KCHF3O3S
Potassium Formate  KCHO2
Potassium Methoxide  KCH3O
Potassium Binoxalate  KC2HO4
Potassium Acetate  CH3CO2K
Potassium Ethoxide  KC2H5O
Potassium Propionate  K(C2H5COO)
Potassium Xanthogenate  KC3H5S2O
Potassium Dimethyldithiocarbamate  KC3H7NS2
Potassium Bitartrate  KC4H5O6
Potassium Benzoate  KC7H5O2
Potassium Hydride  KH
Potassium Bifluoride  KHF2
Potassium Bisulfate  KHSO4
Potassium Diphosphate  KH2PO4
Potassium Borohydride  KH4B
Potassium Tartrate  K2C4H4O6
Potassium Adipate  K2C6H8O4
Potassium Thiosulfate  K2H2S2O3
Lanthanum Chloride Trihydrate  LaCl3.3H2O
Lanthanum Chloride Heptahydrate  LaCl3.7H2O
Lanthanum Hydride  LaH3
Lithium Borohydride  LiBH4
Lithium Methoxide  LiCH3O
Lithium Benzoate  LiC7H5O2
Lithium Chloride Monohydrate  LiCl.H2O
Lithium Iodide Trihydrate  LiI.3H2O
Lithium Diisopropylamide  LiN(C3H7)2
Lithium Amide  LiNH2
Lithium Dihydrogenphosphate  LiPH2O4
Lithium Citrate  Li3C6H5O7
Magnesium Bromide Hexahydrate  MgBr2.6H2O
Magnesium Succinate  Mg(C2H2O2)2
Magnesium Glycerophosphate  MgC3H9O6P
Magnesium Stearate  Mg(C18H35O2)2
Magnesium Hydride  MgH2
Manganese(II) Acetate  Mn(CH3COO)2
Manganese(II) Chloride Tetrahydrate  MnCl2.4H2O
Manganese(II) Iodide Tetrahydrate  MnI2.4H2O
Sodium Tetraphenylborate  NaB(C6H5)4
Sodium Cyanoborohydride  NaBH3CN
Sodium Formate  NaCHO2
Sodium Methoxide  NaCH3O
Sodium Formaldehydesulfoxylate  NaCH3SO3
Sodium Monofluoroacetate  NaFCH2CO2
Sodium Ethenesulfonate  NaC2H3SO3
Sodium Ethoxide  NaC2H5O
Sodium Acrylate  NaC3H3O2
Sodium Propionate  NaC3H5O2
Sodium Lactate  NaC3H5O3
Sodium Hydromethylglycinate  NaC3H6NO3
Sodium Diacetate  NaH(C2H3O2)2
Sodium Benzosulfonate  NaC6H6SO3
Sodium Benzoate  NaC6H5CO2
Sodium Tosylate  NaC7H7SO3
Sodium Phenylacetate  NaC8H7O2
Sodium Xylenesulfonate  NaC8H9SO3
Sodium Caprylate  NaC8H15O2
Sodium Stearate  NaC18H35O2
Sodium Bifluoride  NaHF2
Sodium Bisulfide  NaHS
Sodium Bisulfite  NaHSO3
Sodium Amide  NaNH2
Sodium Malonate  Na2C3H2O4
Sodium Tartrate  Na2C4H4O6
Sodium Adipate  Na2C6H8O4
Sodium Sulfide Pentahydrate  Na2S.5H2O
Sodium Sulfide Nonahydrate  Na2S.9H2O
Nickel(II) Acetate  Ni(C2H3O2)2
Nickel(II) Chloride Hexahydrate  NiCl2.6H2O
Nickel(II) Hydroxide  Ni(OH)2
Osmium(II) Cyclopentadienide  Os(C5H5)2
Osmium(III) Chloride Trihydrate  OsCl3.3H2O
Phosphorus Tetrahydride  P2H4
Lead(II) Formate  Pb(CHO2)2
Lead(II) Acetate  Pb(C2H3O2)2
Lead(II) Lactate  Pb(C3H5O2)2
Lead(II) Butanoate  Pb(C4H7O2)2
Lead(II) Oleate  Pb(C18H33O2)2
Lead(II) Stearate  Pb(C18H35O2)2
Lead(II) Hypophosphite  Pb(H2PO2)2
Lead(IV) Hydride  PbH4
Lead(II) Hydroxide  Pb(OH)2
Palladium(II) Acetate  Pd(C2H3O2)2
Platium(IV) Chloride Pentahydrate  PtCl4.5H2O
Platinum(IV) Oxide Monohydrate  PtO2.H2O
Plutonium(II) Hydride  PuH2
Plutonium(III) Hydride  PuH3
Radium Hydroxide  Ra(OH)2
Rubidium Acetate  RbC2H3O2
Rubidium Acetylacetonate  RbC5H7O2
Rubidium Hydride  RbH
Ruthenium(III) Acetylacetonate  Ru(C5H7O2)3
Scandium(II) Hydride  ScH2
Scandium(III) Hydride  ScH3
Tin(IV) Hydride  SnH4
Strontium Bromide Hexahydrate  SrBr2.6H2O
Strontium Acetate  Sr(C2H3O2)2
Strontium Hydride  SrH2
Strontium Hydroxide  Sr(OH)2
Tantalum Hydride  Ta2H
Thorium(II) Hydride  ThH2
Titanium(IV) Ethoxide  TiC8H20O4
Titanium(II) Hydride  TiH2
Thallium(I) Formate  TlCHO2
Thallium(I) Acetate  TlC2H3O2
Thallium(I) Ethoxide  TlC2H5O
Thallium(I) Hydroxide  TlOH
Thulium(II) Chloride Heptahydrate  TmCl2.7H2O
Uranium(III) Hydride  UH3
Vanadium(I) Hydride  VH
Yttrium(II) Hydride  YH2
Yttrium(III) Hydride  YH3
Ytterbium(III) Chloride Hexahydrate  YbCl3.6H2O
Zinc Glyercophosphate  ZnC3H7O6P
Zinc Fumarate  ZnC4H2O4
Zinc Succinate  ZnC4H4O4
Zinc Propionate  ZnC6H10O4
Zinc Lactate  ZnC6H10O6
Zinc Dimethyldithiocarbonate  ZnC6H12N2S4
Zinc Caprylate  Zn(C8H15O2)2
Zinc Dimethyldithiocarbamate  ZnC10H20N2S4
Zinc Stearate  Zn(C18H35O2)2
Zinc Hydride  ZnH2
Zinc Hydroxide  Zn(OH)2
Zirconium(II) Hydride  ZrH2
Aluminium Monostearate  Al(OH)2C18H35O2
Ammonium Cerium(IV) Nitrate  (NH4)2Ce(NO3)6
Borax  Na2B4O7.10H2O
Chromium(II) Acetate  Cr2(OAc)4(H2O)2
Cisplatin  Cl2H6N2Pt
Decaborane  B10H14
Persulfuric Acid  H2SO5
Sodium Percarbonate  2Na2CO3.3H2O2
Titanic Acid  Ti(OH)4
Sodium Hydrogen Sulfate  NaHSO4
Sodium Bisulfate  NaHSO4
Veratraldehyde  C9H10O3
Aspartame  C14H18N2O5
Glutamine  C5H10N2O3
Aspartic Acid  HOOCCH(NH2)CH2COOH
Glutamic Acid  C5H9NO4
Ammonium Phosphate  (NH4)3PO4
Cholesterol  C27H46O
Methyl Alcohol  CH3OH
Cyanocobalamin  C63H88CoN14O14P
P-Bromoaniline  BrC6H4NH2
Terephthalic Acid  C6H4(COOH)2
Ammonium Hydrosulfide  (NH4)SH
Cyclopentanol  C5H10O
Cyclopentanone  C5H8O
Hydrogen Iodide  HI
Fructose  C6H12O6
Methanoic Acid  HCOOH
Lithium Acetate  LiCH3COO
Morphine  C17H19NO3
Dihydrogen Monoxide  H2O
Galactose  C6H12O6
Ammonium Iodide  NH4I
Monosodium Phosphate  NaH2PO4
Disodium Phosphate  Na2HPO4
Bismuth(lll) Formate  Bi(CHO2)3
Leucine  HO2CCH(NH2)CH2CH(CH3)2
Isoleucine  HO2CCH(NH2)CH(CH3)CH2CH3