›› Physical and chemical properties of Bromine

Atomic Number:35
Element Symbol:Br
Element Name:Bromine
Atomic Weight:79.904
Group Number:17
Group Name:Halogen
Period Number:4
Ground State Configuration:[Ar] 3d10 4s2 4p5
Ground State Level:2Po3/2
Standard State:Liquid
Common Valences:1,3,5,7
Bond Length:228.4
Atomic Radius Empirical:115
Atomic Radius Calculated:94
Covalent Radius Empirical:114
Vander Waals Radius:185
Electron Affinity:324.6
First Ionization Energy:1139.9
Pauling Electronegativity:2.96
Sanderson Electronegativity:3.22
Allred Rochow Electronegativity:2.74
Mulliken Jaffe Electronegativity:2.95
Allen Electronegativity:2.685
Molar Volume:19.78
Bulk Modulus:1.9
Electrical Resistivity:> 10**18
Refractive Index:1.001132
Melting Point:-7.3
Boiling Point:59
Critical Temperature:313
Thermal Conductivity:0.12
Enthalpy Of Fusion:5.8 (per mol Br atoms)
Enthalpy Of Vaporization:14.8 (per mole Br atoms)
Enthalpy Of Atmization:112
Most Common Oxidation Numbers:5,3,1,-1
Color:Red-brown, metallic lustre when solid
Discovered By:Antoine-J. Balard
Discovered At:France
Discovered When:1826
Origin Of Name:From the Greek word bromos meaning stench

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››Compounds that contain Bromine

Bromobenzene  C6H5Br
Bromomethane  CH3Br
Ethidium Bromide  C21H20BrN3
Bromine Pentafluoride  BrF5
Bromine Trifluoride  BrF3
Cadmium Bromide  CdBr2
Carbon Tetrabromide  CBr4
Hydrobromic Acid  HBr
Lithium Bromide  LiBr
Phosphorus Pentabromide  PBr5
Phosphorus Tribromide  PBr3
Potassium Bromide  KBr
Rubidium Bromide  RbBr
Sodium Bromide  NaBr
Sodium Bromate  NaBrO3
Zinc Bromide  ZnBr2
Hydrogen Bromide  HBr
Silver Bromide  AgBr
Silver Bromate  AgBrO3
Silver Dibromide  Ag3Br2
Silver Tribromide  Ag3Br3
Aluminium Bromide  AlBr3
Arsenic Oxybromide  AsBrO
Arsenic Tribromide  AsBr3
Gold(I) Bromide  AuBr
Gold(III) Bromide  AuBr3
Boron Tribromide  BBr3
Barium Bromide  BaBr2
Barium Bromide Dihydrate  BaBr2.2H2O
Beryllium Bromide  BeBr2
Bismuth(III) Bromide  BiBr3
Bismuth(III) Oxybromide  BiOBr
Berkelium(III) Bromide  BkBr3
Bromine Monochloride  BrCl
Bromine Monofluoride  BrF
Bromine Azide  BrN3
Bromine Monoxide  BrO
Bromine Dioxide  BrO2
Calcium Bromide  CaBr2
Cerium(III) Bromide  CeBr3
Californium(II) Bromide  CfBr2
Californium(III) Bromide  CfBr3
Curium(III) Bromide  CmBr3
Cobalt(II) Bromide  CoBr2
Chromium(II) Bromide  CrBr2
Chromium(III) Bromide  CrBr3
Chromium(IV) Bromide  CrBr4
Cesium Bromide  CsBr
Cesium Bromate  CsBrO3
Copper(I) Bromide  CuBr
Copper(II) Bromide  CuBr2
Dysprosium(II) Bromide  DyBr2
Dysprosium(III) Bromide  DyBr3
Erbium(III) Bromide  ErBr3
Einsteinium(II) Bromide  EsBr2
Einsteinium(III) Bromide  EsBr3
Europium(II) Bromide  EuBr2
Europium(III) Bromide  EuBr3
Iron(II) Bromide  FeBr2
Iron(III) Bromide  FeBr3
Gallium(III) Bromide  GaBr3
Gadolinium(III) Bromide  GdBr3
Germanium(II) Bromide  GeBr2
Germanium(IV) Bromide  GeBr4
Hafnium Bromide  HfBr4
Mercury(II) Bromide  HgBr2
Mercury(I) Bromide  Hg2Br2
Holmium Bromide  HoBr3
Iodine Monobromide  IBr
Indium(I) Bromide  InBr
Indium(II) Bromide  InBr2
Indium(III) Bromide  InBr3
Iridium(II) Bromide  IrBr2
Iridium(III) Bromide  IrBr3
Iridium(IV) Bromide  IrBr4
Potassium Bromate  KBrO3
Lanthanum Bromide  LaBr3
Lutetium Bromide  LuBr3
Magnesium Bromide  MgBr2
Magnesium Bromide Hexahydrate  MgBr2.6H2O
Manganese(II) Bromide  MnBr2
Molybdenum(II) Bromide  MoBr2
Molybdenum(III) Bromide  MoBr3
Molybdenum(IV) Bromide  MoBr4
Nitrogen Tribromide  NBr3
Niobium(III) Bromide  NbBr3
Niobium(IV) Bromide  NbBr4
Niobium(V) Bromide  NbBr5
Neodymium(II) Bromide  NdBr2
Neodymium(III) Bromide  NdBr3
Nickel(II) Bromide  NiBr2
Neptunium(III) Bromide  NpBr3
Neptunium(IV) Bromide  NpBr4
Osmium(III) Bromide  OsBr3
Osmium(IV) Bromide  OsBr4
Phosphorus Oxybromide  POBr3
Phosphorus Tetrabromide  P2Br4
Protactinium(IV) Bromide  PaBr4
Protactinium(V) Bromide  PaBr5
Lead(II) Bromide  PbBr2
Lead(IV) Bromide  PbBr4
Palladium(II) Bromide  PdBr2
Promethium(III) Bromide  PmBr3
Praseodymium(III) Bromide  PrBr3
Platinum(II) Bromide  PtBr2
Platinum(III) Bromide  PtBr3
Platinum(IV) Bromide  PtBr4
Plutonium(III) Bromide  PuBr3
Radium Bromide  RaBr2
Rhenium(III) Bromide  ReBr3
Rhenium(IV) Bromide  ReBr4
Rhenium(V) Bromide  ReBr5
Rhodium(III) Bromide  RhBr3
Ruthenium(II) Bromide  RuBr2
Ruthenium(III) Bromide  RuBr3
Disulfur Dibromide  S2Br2
Antimony Tribromide  SbBr3
Scandium(III) Bromide  ScBr3
Selenium Bromide  SeBr
Selenium Dibromide  SeBr2
Selenium Tetrabromide  SeBr4
Selenium Oxybromide  SeOBr2
Silicon Bromide  SiBr4
Samarium(II) Bromide  SmBr2
Samarium(III) Bromide  SmBr3
Tin(II) Bromide  SnBr2
Tin(IV) Bromide  SnBr4
Strontium Bromide  SrBr2
Strontium Bromide Hexahydrate  SrBr2.6H2O
Tantalum(III) Bromide  TaBr3
Tantalum(IV) Bromide  TaBr4
Tantalum(V) Bromide  TaBr5
Terbium(III) Bromide  TbBr3
Technetium(IV) Bromide  TcBr4
Tellurium Dibromide  TeBr2
Tellurium Tetrabromide  TeBr4
Thorium(IV) Bromide  ThBr4
Titanium(II) Bromide  TiBr2
Titanium(III) Bromide  TiBr3
Titanium(IV) Bromide  TiBr4
Thallium(I) Bromide  TlBr
Thallium(I, III) Bromide  Tl2Br4
Thulium(II) Bromide  TmBr2
Thulium(III) Bromide  TmBr3
Uranium(III) Bromide  UBr3
Uranium(IV) Bromide  UBr4
Uranium(V) Bromide  UBr5
Vanadium(II) Bromide  VBr2
Vanadium(III) Bromide  VBr3
Vanadium(IV) Bromide  VBr4
Tungsten(II) Bromide  WBr2
Tungsten(III) Bromide  WBr3
Tungsten(IV) Bromide  WBr4
Tungsten(V) Bromide  WBr5
Tungsten(VI) Bromide  WBr6
Tungsten(V) Oxytribromide  WOBr3
Tungsten(VI) Oxytetrabromide  WOBr4
Tungsten(VI) Dioxydibromide  WO2Br2
Yttrium(III) Bromide  YBr3
Ytterbium(II) Bromide  YbBr2
Ytterbium(III) Bromide  YbBr3
Zirconium(III) Bromide  ZrBr3
Zirconium(IV) Bromide  ZrBr4
P-Bromoaniline  BrC6H4NH2