›› Measurement unit: agate [typographical]

Full name: agate [typographical]

Plural form: agates

Alternate spelling: agate line

Category type: length

Scale factor: 0.0018142857142857

›› SI unit: metre

The SI base unit for length is the metre.
1 metre is equal to 551.1811023622 agate [typographical].

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›› Definition: Agate

An agate is a unit of typographical measure. It is approximately 5 1/2 points (1/14 inch or 1.814 mm). It can refer to either the height of a line of type, or to a font that is 5.5 points. An Agate font is commonly used to display statistical data or legal notices in newspapers. It is considered to be the smallest point size that can be printed on newsprint and remain legible.

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