›› Measurement unit: decajoule

Full name: decajoule

Plural form: decajoules

Symbol: daJ

Category type: energy

Scale factor: 10

›› SI unit: joule

The SI derived unit for energy is the joule.
1 joule is equal to 0.1 decajoule.

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›› Definition: Decajoule

The SI prefix "deca" represents a factor of 101, or in exponential notation, 1E1.

So 1 decajoule = 101 joules.

The definition of a joule is as follows:

The joule (symbol J, also called newton meter, watt second, or coulomb volt) is the SI unit of energy and work. The unit is pronounced to rhyme with "tool", and is named in honor of the physicist James Prescott Joule (1818-1889).

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